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Biodados Server offers the following services:

  1. Methods - A guide for building biological pathways (in press). A short tutorial on PESCADOR. Check out this PID on pancreatic cancer: 1450147845

  2. TaxOnTree: a web tool that adds taxonomic classification on top of a phylogenetic tree

  3. A taxonomy database with names given to all taxonomic ranks: Taxallnomy

  4. A web tool for discovery of the clade of origin of all Gene Ontology terms: GO-genesis

  5. A web tool for finding in which human tissues a gene is expressed in a regular or superactive form: HumanExpProfiles

  6. A web site that tells the origin of genes for all Kegg Pathways: Niji

  7. A web site that networks and combines co-expression of human genes with chromatin co-localization: Chromatin Expression Network

  8. Origin of pathways from the immune system: response to type I interferon (PDF); types II and III interferon (PDF); TCR (PDF); BCR (PDF)

  9. ARCoBAaleno: Application for rapidly coloring biological pathways by ancestrality or GO-related information

  10. Taxi: A database on the origin of operons.

  11. New protocol for Liquid Yeast Two-Hybrid Screening.

  12. BOWS paper and paper demo website. BOWS biodados clients

  13. SeedServer: a new web application to generate groups of protein homologues.

  14. UniRef50 Matrices for Annotating Gene Ontology Entries (U-MAGE): Web application designed to help propagation of Gene Ontology (GO) terms for UniProtKB entries.

  15. Annothetic: A Web application based on controlled PSI-BLAST matrices to predict function to putative proteins.

  16. Genesis, origin of genes.

  17. UniRef Enriched COG Database (UECOG), published in GMR 7(3) 2008

  18. Biodados Web services: useful Web services providing easier access to NCBI taxonomic data (LCAWS, GetAllChildren and TaxSimple).

  19. PCT - Protein Classification Tool: a tool for similarity searches in secondary databases COG, CGAP-Biocarta e CGAP-KEGG.

  20. K-EST : KOG Expression Sampling Tool. This service uses sampling/expression information of ESTs from 4 metazoan organisms (A. thaliana, C. elegans, D. melanogaster and H. sapiens) and its proteins from the KOG database .

  21. Supplementary information for the paper "A set of amino acids found to occur more frequently in human and fly than in plant and yeast proteome consists of non-essential amino acids".

  22. Supplementary information from the work "A Picture of Gene Sampling/Expression in Model Organisms Using ESTs and KOG Proteins".

  23. Supplementary Information on the analysis of microrganism's EST projects. Published in Genetics and Molecular Research (pdf).

  24. Supplementary Information on the methods used to process data for the paper "Efficiency in Annotation of the Schistosoma mansoni Transcriptome with Sequences from Model Organisms".

  25. Supplementary information on the work "Tests of Automatic Annotation Using KOG proteins and ESTs from 4 Eukariotic Organisms".

  26. Supplementary information for the paper: "Using Secondary Database Sequences to Select cDNA Clones for Full-Length Sequencing: Schistosoma mansoni as a Model"

  27. Supplementary information for the paper: "Production of full-length cDNA sequences by sequencing and analysis of ESTs from Schistosoma mansoni"

  28. Artigos selecionados do NCBI handbook

  29. Apresentações PowerPoint:

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